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Martha is the senior Australian Travel Guide and MAP Travel’s Vice-President / Agency Manager bringing 28+ years travel experience. Martha and her husband, Rick, lived in North Queensland for two years where they both taught school. They grew to have a great admiration of Australia and its people. With that experience and the use of experienced tour operators, Martha will shop your vacation with the wholesalers that have the best rates based on your destination, departure city, and hotel selection. There are many options. With Expedia, Travelocity, or Orbitz you’ll have only one option. Their rate. And only their rate.

Australia is usually a once in a lifetime trip for most people. This is when you use experience to make sure you’re visit there is a memorable one.

Martha’s Australian Travel Tips:

  • Australia is approximately the same size as the continental United States and is made up of 7 states: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania
  • The seasons are reversed from the seasons as we know in the northern hemisphere. In Australia Spring is September – November, Summer is December – February, Autumn is March – May, and Winter Is June – August
  • A Visa is required for entrance into Australia and must be obtained before you go. Your travel agent is able to do this for you in a matter of minutes. There may be a charge for this.
  • The electrical current is 220-240 volts. If you take your own appliances, you must take a voltage converter.
  • Australia and New Zealand use a dollar system similar to our own monetary system. If you want to know what the current rate of exchange is, call us at MAP Travel, and we’ll be glad to assist.
  • Australia boasts over 7,000 beaches – more than any other nation.
  • Tipping is not the general custom in Australia. It’s accepted, but at any time tipping is your choice.